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News Archives: July 2011

Can Antioxidants Boost Male Fertility?

July 26th, 2011

Several studies have shown a connection between a diet rich in antioxidants and higher-quality sperm. A More Virile Male (Cricket, Anyway) Now we have a new study, conducted not on humans but on crickets, showing that male crickets fed a diet high in antioxidants are actually more likely to fertilize a female cricket’s eggs. This [...]

More Evidence for a Whole Food Diet

July 18th, 2011

Michael Pollan has helped spread the word about the benefits of a whole, or minimally processed, food diet through his book In Defense of Food. What Are Whole Foods About, Anyway? The idea is that our bodies have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to survive off the foods the earth provides for us. [...]

Can Chemical Pesticides Make You Gain Weight?

July 5th, 2011 recently posted an article laying out evidence that chemicals found in the pesticides used in conventional farming may make people gain weight. How Can I Gain Weight by Eating Chemicals? You read that right–chemicals. Not diet, lack of exercise or genetics (though these doubtless also contribute). Studies in mice, other laboratory animals and even [...]