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Frank Is Now Available Nationwide at The Fresh Market Food Store Locations.

July 12th, 2012

Frank Organics is proud to announce that our extra virgin olive oil is now available in The Fresh Market (TFM) store locations across the country. Now Frank is easier to find than ever.  Check out The Fresh Market’s store locations to see where there’s a TFM store near you!

The Fresh Market has 120 stores across the country and is growing rapidly, with several new stores scheduled to open this year.  Founded by Ray and Beverly Berry, TFM got its start in Greensboro, North Carolina, with its first store opening on March 5, 1982.  The small store with loose produce, vitamins, bulk foods, and freshly roasted coffee in bins stood in stark contrast to conventional grocery stores, where foods had increasingly become industrialized, and the stores bigger and less inviting.

Ever since the original store’s opening day and TFM’s successful nationwide expansion, every TFM location has lived up to the founders’ dreams of developing a better grocery store that brings back the feeling of old European style markets while providing an inviting, comfortable and convenient atmosphere for its customers.  Every TFM food store prides itself on its accommodating staff and old world European market feel, where you can visit an array of departments, such as its old-style butcher shop and fish market, bakery, produce and floral stands, and delicatessen.

Frank Organics’ extra virgin olive oil is an ideal addition to TFM’s top quality supply of goods. Frank’s founding principles of openness, honesty, and dedication to offering customers complete transparency in the growing and production processes tie in perfectly with The Fresh Market’s focus on customer service, education and satisfaction. Frank’s background–it’s 100% grown and pressed in Andalusia, Spain–adds to the old European market feel that TFM continues to provide.

We here over at Frank hope that you all can take a trip over to the nearest TFM, and enjoy its feast for the senses as colors and fragrant smells fill the air while classical music plays softly in the background. Whether you’re there just to find Frank, to shop for your weekly groceries, or just have a look around, TFM is on hand to answer all your food questions and talk about the day’s fresh offerings.

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