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Pop Karma Opens Today on NYC’s Lower East Side!

July 23rd, 2012

Starting today, you can visit new natural sustainable popcorn company, Pop Karma, at 95 Orchard Street on NYC’s Lower East Side!

Pop Karma

Now open for business!

Pop Karma makes delicious popcorn from pure, top-quality ingredients.  Their ingredient lists are minimal, since they source the best food possible from responsible, sustainable producers.  It’s real.  Then they pop it in NYC to their demanding specifications.

Pop Karma

Pop Karma founder Jean Tsai, with Moses serving up fresh popcorn.

Pop Karma also uses Frank in all of its popcorn and features Frank in its Mediterranean flavor.  You can always find Pop Karma’s Mediterranean, Zen Cheddar and Pure Caramel flavors at the storefront.  Right now you can also get a taste of Pop Karma’s Margarita (lime and coconut), White Truffle Cheddar and Barbecue flavors for a limited time, until they bring in some more new, exciting flavors.

While you’re there, don’t forget to try out Pop Karma’s delicious Dallis Brothers coffee, New York Superfoods’ chia snacks, Greek yogurt, raw granola bars and, of course Frank, all also on offer at Pop Karma’s Lower East Side storefront.  Keep an eye out also for when Pop Karma popcorn becomes available for ordering online, at

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