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Frank Gives Five Percent of Profits to Environmental Causes

Why Would Frank Do Such a Thing?

Frank goes out of his way to protect the environment.

But Frank isn’t perfect. Modern machinery offers huge improvements in quality and speed that cause Frank to do things Frank wouldn’t otherwise do.

One of these is the use of machines in harvesting and processing olives.

Organic olive farming is very natural. But when it comes time to take the olives from the trees and make olive oil, Frank’s methods are not always as natural as his growing methods.

Machines Make for Great Olive Oil–And a Great Big Carbon Footprint

Frank’s growers uses a machine to shake olives from the trees. Then they use hand-held machines to vibrate down additional olives. They use machines to collect the olives, transport them to the mill, separate them from leaves and twigs, wash them, grind them into olive paste and extract the olive oil. And then they use machines to filter Frank to remove particles that could otherwise cause Frank to spoil prematurely.

So, Why Do We Use Machines?

We do all this for good reason: When it comes to making olive oil, time means quality. And machines take an awful lot less time. Old methods of carrying olives to the mill by hand, grinding them with giant stones and separating pulp from oil and water through gravity alone, allowed too much oxygen to get to the olive oil. This increased acidity, and decreased flavor and nutrition. Modern technology—including all the machines–makes a better tasting olive oil that’s better for you.

Five Percent for the Planet

But Frank couldn’t stand it if we didn’t do something to make amends. So, we donate five percent of all profits to environmental causes. Frank’s machines still leave a footprint. But Frank helps others to reduce their own.

Help Frank improve the environment and take Frank home today!

Also, recommend what environmental charity Frank should donate to next year!

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