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How Frank Turns Waste into Green Energy

Frank’s processors turn waste into green energy.

Olive oil is about as natural as it gets. But it has an unfortunate by-product: olive mill waste.

Waste Not, Want Not

Not every part of the olive goes into olive oil. There’s water that doesn’t get used, and an olive paste leftover. Add to this water used to keep the mill clean, and you have a lot of waste.

This waste can be bad for the environment. High levels of phenols and organic acid mean the waste can’t go back to the land or be flushed downstream in high concentrations.

Turning Waste Into Energy

But the waste has a bright side, too: We can use it for energy.

Frank’s olive mill waste goes straight to a processing plant that converts this otherwise unused material into biomass. This biomass is then burned as a clean source of energy, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and the carbon emissions they generate.

Two problems solved at once.

Help keep the environment clean and promote green energy—take Frank home today!

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