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How Frank Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Making Food Is Expensive–for the Earth!

One fifth of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from growing, processing and distributing food.

And the biggest source (up to 40%) of food industry’s greenhouse gas emissions is synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are made from fossil fuel.

And making them burns much more fossil fuel, because the process is very energy-intensive. Combine the two and we have major greenhouse gas emissions.

Cut Synthetic Fertilizers and Pesticides, and Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Frank wants no part of this. Frank uses no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. That’s an instant 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

So how do Frank’s growers grow Frank without synthetic fertilizers, and fend off pests without synthetic pesticides?

Simple: Frank’s growers use manure from local cows, sheep and horses, and cuttings from local vegetation, for fertilizer. They use beneficial insects, copper anti-fungal sprays and careful hygienic practices (clearing away any fallen olives, pruning only during dry seasons) to control pests. This is more expensive for Frank, but cheaper for the environment. No fossil fuel fertilizers or pesticides, no fossil fuels burned to make them. Keep your body, and the earth, pure with Frank.

Shrink your carbon footprint and take Frank home today!

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