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The Great Debate: Aluminum v. Glass

The Battle over Carbon Footprints

Before we chose Frank’s bottle, we spent a lot of time researching the carbon footprints of aluminum (“tin”) and glass containers.

To make a glass bottle, it takes about half the carbon footprint that it takes to make an aluminum package. But to ship a glass bottle leaves a higher carbon footprint than to ship an aluminum package, because glass is heavier than aluminum.

And the Winner Is . . .

So, which has a lower carbon footprint overall? It depends. If Frank has to take a long truck ride to reach you, we may be better off with aluminum. But if you live near Frank’s storage facilities, glass bottles are probably better.

So for us, it was something of a toss-up. Because the environment comes out about even either way, but Frank looks sharp in a sleek glass bottle, we chose glass. As more environmentally friendly packaging comes to light we’ll help Frank find a new, greener home.

See what bottle we chose and take Frank home today!

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