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Help Frank Help the Environment

Less Packaging = More Environment

Frank lives in a 500 mL (17 oz) bottle. This causes Frank great torment.

Why? Because 500 mL bottles use too much glass. The bigger the bottle, the less glass per ounce of olive oil.

Frank dreams about living in a bigger bottle. Bigger bottles means fewer bottles. Fewer bottles means less glass. Less glass means less energy to mine and make glass, and less weight when Frank travels by ship, truck, train or in the back of your car. Less energy and lower weight means less greenhouse gas.

Help Frank Shed a Few Pounds

We gave Frank a small home to make Frank, as a new product, more affordable for new people to try. But it’s no place for Frank to spend his entire life.

So, as more and more people get to know Frank, Frank can come more and more in larger 1L bottles. Become Frank’s regular friend, and soon Frank can spend more time in a bigger, more environmentally friendly home.

Take Frank home today!

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