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Join Frank To Create a Chemical Pesticide-Free World

Chemical Pesticides Aren’t Only Bad for Your Body

Synthetic pesticides get into our food and pose a range of potential health consequences. They’re made from fossil fuels and impose a high carbon footprint. But they’re not only bad for your health and your carbon footprint.

They also pollute the environment. Synthetic pesticides can get into the air. They get into the water. They get into wildlife. And they can stay there. DDT was banned 40 years ago but still enters our bodies today. Synthetic pesticides have accumulated in wildlife, rivers and lakes, and stayed there for decades. Who needs them?

The truth is, we don’t need them. There are natural alternatives.

Frank Doesn’t Use Them

Frank’s growers control pests without chemical pesticides. They use beneficial insects that prey on pests, anti-fungal copper sprays and careful hygienic practices (clearing away any fallen olives, pruning only during dry seasons) to keep pests at bay.

Help create a chemical-pesticide-free world. Take Frank home today!

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