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The Carbon Cost of Shipping: Spain Versus California

Oh, the Places You’ll See

We thought long and hard before we brought Frank to America. Ever carbon-conscious, we looked at the big blue sea between Spain and the U.S. and saw greenhouse gas emissions flash before our eyes.

But research made this sea much smaller. Shipping by international waters requires 18 times less energy per mile than trucking by land. It even takes 1.5 times less energy per mile than transporting by rail. So, if you live on the east coast, it can take considerably less energy for Frank to reach you from Spain than it would from California. And you can’t grow olives closer to the east coast than California or Spain.

Helping Frank Travel Lighter

But shipping to other parts of the U.S. may produce more emissions because Frank may have to ride in a train or truck. So we’re doing what we can to reduce emissions where we can. Check out our plans to cut carbon emissions by using larger bottles, our evaluation of whether glass bottles are more environmentally friendly than tins and our pledge to donate five percent of profits to environmental causes.

Be a part of what Frank’s doing for the environment and take Frank home today!