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Frank’s Founders Want You and Your Planet To Be Healthy

A Chance Meeting Brings Two Enthusiasts Together

The reason you can enjoy Frank today is that two natural food enthusiasts met by chance on an environmental conservation project in Tanzania. Alfredo, from Spain, and Doug, from New York, were helping Tanzania to repair deforested regions, conserve water and prevent erosion. In other words, they planted trees.

But they shared other dreams, too. Alfredo wanted to spread around the world the unique organic olive oil he’d seen made in his homeland of Spain. Doug wanted to provide his fellow Americans with more naturally healthy and environmentally friendly products, and to show them more about how their food is made and the people who make it.

Alfredo and Doug

An Idea Becomes a Reality

Summoning Doug from New York, Alfredo showed Doug all around the organic olive groves you can see today on this website. The warm sun, the cool breeze, the fresh aromas, the serene landscape of ancient olive trees set against a background of rolling unscathed hills and mountains. And he showed Doug how they could make the lush organic olive oil we now call Frank from the picual, hojiblanca and arbequina olives of southern Spain.

Frank Is Born

Doug knew Alfredo was on to something. But there was one more step: their olive oil could only be grown and processed with the most exacting of natural and organic methods. Working with the growers on every stage of the process, from growing and harvesting to pressing and bottling, to shipping and distribution, Alfredo and Doug made sure that there was nothing more they could do to make the most natural, healthful and great-tasting product they could produce.

Alfredo stayed in Spain to watch over the creation of Frank, and Doug quit his job as a corporate lawyer to start shaping their dream into reality. Frank was born.

See, smell, feel and taste what Alfredo and Doug found in Andalusia: Take Frank home today!