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What’s So Great About Frank’s Childhood Home?

The South of Spain

Frank had a romantic childhood. Coming to life in a winding, ancient grove in the foothills of Andalusia, Spain, the warm, sunny Mediterranean climate gave Frank every advantage in life. The soil and climate of Andalusia are perfectly tuned to grow the highest quality olive oils, and Frank is no exception.

But not every olive is perfect for Andalusia, or for Frank. That’s why we make Frank from a careful blend of exclusively picual, hojiblanca and arbequina olives.

Blending different types of olives gives Frank a better flavor, fragrance and complexity than any one olive varietal could provide.

Frank’s groves lie in the heart of Spain’s greatest olive region.

Meet the Olives That Make up Frank

The picual ranks among the world’s favorite olives and thrives in Andalusia like nowhere else. Andalusia’s soil and climate give the picual its peppery taste, a hallmark of the world’s favorite olive oils. More than half of Frank comes from picual olives.

The hojiblanca olive is smooth and known for its perfect blend of different vegetable flavors. It’s even lower in saturated fat than most olives. It’s tougher to harvest than other varietals, but we think it’s all worth it. The hojiblanca is Frank’s number two olive.

The arbequina olive’s buttery taste perfectly complements the peppery picual and the smooth hojiblanca in Frank’s careful blend. The arbequina’s peppery finish perfectly balances the picual’s own.

Find out why picual, hojiblanca and arbequina give Frank a one-of-a-kind natural taste and aroma, and take Frank home today!