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Frank Talk About ADHD and Autism

ADHD afflicts 4.5 million U.S. kids.

And of all the possible causes, one has been directly linked in studies to higher rates of ADHD: pesticides.

Some studies have found that kids with higher pesticide levels in their bodies are more likely to have ADHD than kids with lower pesticide levels in their bodies. And kids with above-average levels of two specific chemical pesticides are twice as likely to have ADHD as kids with no detectable pesticides.

Pesticides in Food May Trigger ADHD in Kids

And chemical pesticide exposure in kids comes largely from diet, according to the National Academy of Sciences. So keeping pesticides off your kids’ food is a great way to reduce their risk of ADHD.

Fortunately, there’s a great way to do that. Organic food, by law, must be grown chemical pesticide-free. In studies, feeding exclusively organic food to kids reduced pesticide levels to undetectable levels.

Frank is organic. So Frank is grown completely without chemical insecticides and herbicides. Take advantage of Frank’s chemical pesticide-free upbringing and take Frank home today!

Pesticides May Trigger Autism

Autism afflicts one in 150 U.S. kids.

Unlike ADHD, autism has not yet been linked directly to pesticide residues in children’s bodies. But some studies have shown that mothers who live near farms where certain chemical pesticides are sprayed have a higher risk of having autistic children than those who do not.

And mothers in regions where those pesticides are sprayed are also more likely to have autistic children if they conceive during spraying season.

The link between chemical pesticides, ADHD and autism may not be surprising: These pesticides were designed to strike at the nervous system of insects. They may have similar effects on our own nervous system, even at relatively low quantities.

Frank is grown without chemical insecticides or herbicides. Take advantage of Frank’s chemical pesticide-free upbringing and take Frank home today!

Lawyers’ Note: Frank is not a doctor! Please consult your physician about your diet, ADHD and autism.