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Frank Talk About Diabetes

Type-2 diabetes is becoming increasingly common. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, one in three Americans will have diabetes by 2050.

Diabetes can have serious consequences. It greatly increases the risk of heart disease and can lead to kidney failure, nerve damage, blindness and amputation. All stuff we certainly want to avoid

How Frank May Help You Control or Prevent Diabetes

In one study, diabetics followed three different diets: one high in olive oil, one high in saturated fat and one high in carbohydrates. Compared to those eating saturated fat or carbohydrates, those eating olive oil ended up with less belly fat and lower insulin resistance, two factors closely tied to diabetes.

They also had higher levels of a protein called adinopectin that we’ll discuss in a minute. All of this suggests that olive oils like Frank may be beneficial for diabetics.

How Adinopectin May Help You Control or Prevent Diabetes

If diabetics do better with olive oil than with saturated fat or carbohydrates, the reason may be a protein called adinopectin.

Adinopectin is found in an organic olive oil like Frank. And adinopectin may lower your body’s resistance to insulin and improve its use of glucose, two key body functions compromised in diabetics. It is possible that eating foods high in adinopectin offers benefits to diabetics.

A study in mice supports this idea. Obese mice specially bred to produce large amounts of adinopectin proved highly resistant to diabetes. Though diabetes is common in obese mice and humans, none of these specially bred mice developed it, despite their obesity.

We’re far from fully understanding diabetes. It is a very serious disease that has no known cure and is extremely difficult to manage. But some studies suggest that Frank and Frank’s adinopectin could potentially offer some a helping hand along the way to controlling or preventing diabetes. Get your adinopectin and take Frank home today!

Lawyers’ Note: Frank is not a doctor! Please consult your physician about your diet and your risk of diabetes.

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