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Frank Talk About Your and Your Kids’ Immune System and Development

The best way to boost your immune system and your children’s development may be not to slow them to begin with! Some studies suggest that your and your kids’ immune system and your kids’ development can be slowed by chemical pesticide and herbicide residues in their food. So, why not keep chemicals out of your food?

Why Kids and Insecticides Don’t Mix

Studies suggest that kids’ bodies may be very sensitive to chemical insecticides and herbicides.

Because kids eat more for their body weight than adults do, they ingest more chemicals for their size. And because their bodies are still developing, chemicals may do them greater harm.

And studies show that these chemicals do get into our kids’ bodies through the food they eat. Now, having chemicals in our kids’ bodies doesn’t sound good. But do they actually do any harm?

How Frank May Boost Your Immune System

According to some studies, the answer is yes. Some studies suggest that chemical insecticides and herbicides affect the immune system. Higher insecticide levels can leave your kids more susceptible to colds and infections. But the risks may go much farther: Some studies have linked chemical insecticide and herbicide exposure with higher rates of certain types of cancer. These studies are not conclusive, and the issue calls out for additional research. But do you want to take chances with your health until we know for certain?

Let’s Talk About Sex

Some studies have also linked chemical insecticides and herbicides to reproductive problems like infertility, miscarriage and birth defects. Levels of these chemicals in pregnant women have been linked to higher rates of developmental defects, both sexual and intellectual, in their children.

Pesticide levels in breast milk also correlate with pesticide levels in maternal adipose tissue. If you’re ingesting chemical insecticides and herbicides while breastfeeding, your child is ingesting them too.

How Can Frank Help You?

Sound scary? We still have much to learn about the effects of chemical insecticide and herbicide residues on our health.

Because nearly all of us consume small amounts of chemicals steadily over time, it’s hard to design definitive studies showing their effects on our bodies. But studies of communities where agricultural chemicals are sprayed show strong correlation with increased cancer risk; and studies of the levels of these chemicals in our bodies show that we’re definitely ingesting insecticides and herbicides with our food.

Why take the chance?

It’s easy to eliminate insecticides and herbicides from your kids’ diets. Studies show that after feeding kids solely organic food, these chemicals drop quickly to undetectable levels.

Feed yourself and your kids organic, and take the insecticides and herbicides out of your olive oil. Frank is always organic, always chemical insecticide and herbicide-free. Take a step toward better health and take Frank home today!

Lawyers’ Note: Frank is not a doctor! Please consult your physician about your diet and your immune system and your children’s development.

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