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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Frank, and More

Watch Us Make Frank, from Grove to Grocery

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You’ll see videos, interviews and photographs of all the steps that go into making Frank. Plus you’ll find any information you could possibly want about how we make Frank, and what impact Frank has on your health, food safety and the environment.

Start your tour of Frank’s olive grove by checking out select scenes below. Then click to the left to experience any stage of Frank’s production process!

It all starts with the olive tree.
The hojiblanca olive. Its buttery flavor complements the picual's peppery finish to make Frank a perfectly balanced olive oil.
Nature creates the sole ingredient in Frank: the olive of southern Spain.
Frank's growers use a tree shaker to shake the olives from the trees.
After the tree shaker shakes many olives from the trees, Frank's growers use a vibrating machine to gently shake off the remaining organic olives.
Nets catch Frank's olives as they're shaken from the tree.
A truck hurries Frank's olives off to the mill to press them as soon as they're harvested.
Mountains give a breathtaking background to Frank's grove.
Grower Jose Manuel makes sure we do everything we can to make Frank the best possible.
Machines separate leaves and twigs from the olives used to make Frank.
Alfredo and Doug make sure Frank is the best for you and the Earth.

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