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How You Know Frank Is Extra Virgin

Frank is extra virgin. Extra virgin is the highest grade awarded to olive oils.

A recent university study suggested that some imported olive oils labeled “extra virgin” may not meet international standards for “extra virgin.” In other words, they may not be extra virgin after all!

But there’s an easy way to tell that Frank is extra virgin. Taste Frank! Feel that bite in the back of your throat? That’s from a natural compound called oleocanthal that’s present in large quantities in the highest-quality olive oils.

What makes extra virgin olive oil “extra virgin?”

Olive oil is extra virgin if a tasting panel of actual humans, and rigorous chemical tests, find that it:

1. Has zero taste defects.

Your olive oil isn’t fusty, musty or rancid, doesn’t have muddy sediment, and doesn’t have a winey-vinegary taste.

2. Has positive taste and aroma.

This includes flavors of olive, apple, grass or tomato, or flavors described as green, sweet or nutty. All of these are considered to make for a great-tasting olive oil.

3. Has an acidity level of less than 0.8%.

High acidity results from pest damage and letting olives sit between harvesting and pressing. All else equal, the lower the acidity, the better the olive oil. Frank always has an acidity level below 0.5% at time of bottling, typically much lower–well below the requirements even for extra virgin olive oil.

4. Meets stringent requirements in arcane technical properties.

These range from peroxide levels to absorbency of ultraviolet rays, from fatty acid content to desmethylsterol composition, from total sterol content to stigmastadiene content, from wax content to content of 2-glyceryl monopalmitate.

Need to hear more?

Because Frank is extra virgin, you can be sure Frank will taste great and meets the quality requirements necessary to attain the highest rating given to olive oils.

Take Frank home today and enjoy the taste of genuine extra virgin olive oil yourself!

Why “Extra Virgin” Makes a Difference for You

Extra virgin is the highest grade of olive oil. This isn’t just a nice thing for olive oil producers to say about their product. It matters for you!


For one, if it’s extra virgin, you know it doesn’t have taste “defects.” And you know it has a positive “fruity” taste. And these things matter whether you’re cooking with your olive oil, dipping bread in your olive oil or using your olive oil on salads or pasta.

After all, tasting is part of the extra virgin certification process. If an olive oil is extra virgin, that’s a great sign it’ll taste good!

But extra virgin olive oil can also be healthier than other grades of olive oil. It can have five times more polyphenols than olive oil that in’t virgin. Polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds that act as antioxidants and may offer numerous health benefits.

If your olive oil is extra virgin, you’re getting more of the olive’s natural polyphenols and other nutrients that may be missing from lower grades of olive oils.

Take advantage of the health and taste benefits of extra virgin olive oil, and take Frank home today!

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