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How Frank Stays Chemical Herbicide-Free

Most olive growers use chemical herbicides to fight weeds.

These herbicides make their way into ground water, drinking water and the bodies of local wildlife. And if they’re sprayed on olives, they can get into your olive oil.

How Frank’s Growers Control Weeds Chemical-Free

Frank’s growers don’t use them.

Watch Jose Manuel tell you how Frank’s growers keep Frank’s orchards chemical-free:

Want to see how Frank is made, from grove to grocery? You can see all videos combined into one here!

Frank’s growers use three natural weapons to fight weeds:

1. Sheep and cattle eat them

Sheep and cattle love to eat the weeds Frank’s growers don’t want in Frank’s groves. Why use poison when cows eat them for free?

2. Natural plant life crowds them out

Grasses, grains and clovers grow naturally among Frank’s olive trees. Frank’s growers let them be. This natural plant life gives weeds hearty competition for the water and nutrients they need to survive. Frank’s growers let these plants grow all around Frank’s groves, wherever they don’t compete much with the trees.

3. Plow them into the soil

Plowing weeds helps Frank in two ways: It adds organic material to the soil, making it richer for Frank’s olive trees. And it eliminates weeds that would otherwise compete with Frank’s olive trees for water and vital nutrients.

How Frank Goes “Beyond Organic”

Frank’s growers don’t just meet organic growing requirements. They do everything they can to produce the highest quality, most natural product the best way for the environment. The following practices are allowed under organic standards, but Frank’s growers don’t use them:

1. No burning weeds

Organic standards let farmers burn weeds with a flamethrower. But Frank’s growers don’t do it.

Why not? Flamethrowers don’t just burn weeds; they burn fossil fuel. Usually it’s propane that powers the flamethrower. Propane is an unsustainable fossil fuel and would unnecessarily raise Frank’s carbon footprint. Sheep, cows and beneficial crops don’t use fossil fuel, and they do just fine controlling the weeds themselves.

2. No using “plastic mulch”

Organic standards let farmers throw plastic sheets around their trees, to block out the sun so weeds can’t grow. It’s effective. But Frank’s growers don’t do it.

Why? Because plastic mulch is just that–plastic. It’s not recyclable, and it has to be disposed of. Often, little pieces break off in the field and end up littering your groves. Who needs it? Sheep, cows and beneficial crops don’t wind up in a landfill or litter Frank’s groves.

Frank isn’t the only one who benefits from these natural methods. Farm workers who spray chemical herbicides often have high rates of cancer. But Frank’s growers simply don’t spray them.

Reap the benefits of herbicide-free farming and take Frank home today!

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