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How We Distribute Frank

Alfredo and Doug, Frank’s founders, make sure Frank gets where Frank needs to go—to you!

Frank’s processors bottle Frank using the best methods possible to preserve Frank’s natural taste and nutrients. Before Frank touches the bottle, we spray it with air to remove any foreign particles, then fill it with nitrogen so that oxygen can’t react chemically with Frank after Frank is bottled.

This is all done in a sterile environment: Enter the bottling plant, and you must don a school-cafeteria style hairnet and a white laboratory coat, and disinfect your hands.

Frank is finally poured mechanically into the bottle and sealed immediately. A labeler puts on Frank’s clothes and he’s ready to go find his new home. Alfredo and Doug take care of the rest, making sure Frank is available at a market near you.

Make your home Frank’s new home and take Frank home today!

Don’t see Frank at your local market? Let us know!

Find out more about what Alfredo and Doug do to be sure Frank is at his freshest when Frank gets to you, by clicking the links to the left!

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