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How Filtering Keeps Frank Young for His Age

Some producers filter their olive oil. Some don’t.

Olive oil, when extracted, retains some small pieces of fruit. To remove them, you can put it through a filter. Or you can just leave them in there.

We filter Frank.

Filtering Makes Frank Live Longer

Olive oil loses quality over time. Handled properly, olive oil should last about two years before it really starts to lose its taste and nutrients.

But certain things can shorten its life. Heat, light and air speed up the deterioration process. And the olive pieces that remain in unfiltered olive oil are particularly susceptible to these forces. They can even cause olive oil to go rancid.

With Frank, you don’t have to worry about rancidity. Frank is always filtered.

Filtering Helps Olive Oil Stand up Under Heat

Extra virgin olive oil can be excellent for cooking. It has a high “smoke point” around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Below that temperature olive oil works great for cooking.

But unfiltered olive oil contains olive pieces that can smoke at lower temperatures. That limits the usefulness of unfiltered olive oil for cooking.

With Frank, you won’t have to worry: as a filtered olive oil, Frank’s smoke point is always high.

So, Why Are Some Olive Oils Unfiltered?

This all is not to say that unfiltered olive oils are inferior. If you plan to use your olive oil quickly, don’t plan to cook with it at high temperatures, and don’t mind cloudy-looking olive oil, there is little drawback to having unfiltered oil.

In fact, some producers pride themselves on having olive pieces in their oil as a mark of authenticity and a potential source of additional flavor.

There are reasons to filter and reasons not to filter, and both have their advantages.

If you’d like to try a great tasting, filtered olive oil, take Frank home today!

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