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How We Grow Frank

Frank’s Growers Are Very Proud of Frank

Let Jose Manuel kick off your tour of Frank’s olive groves!

Want to see how Frank is made, from grove to grocery? You can see all videos combined into one here!

Jose Manuel looks over Frank’s olive groves.

Jose Manuel’s job is very different from most olive growers’. Why?

Because Frank’s groves are 100% organic. This means Frank must meet strict standards for fertilizers, pest control and weed control.

“Organic” Means Being in Touch with Nature

Jose Manuel’s happy to accept the task. Organic growing takes more time and expense, but it makes for a better place to work. Frank’s growers don’t worry about breathing chemical pesticides or herbicides, because they simply don’t use them. They don’t worry about chemical fertilizers because they don’t use them either. Frank’s growers work with nature, the way it’s meant to be.

But no one said it was easy. And Frank’s growers go beyond the minimum requirements for being “organic.”

Let Jose Manuel tell you more about how Frank’s growers keep Frank chemical fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide free. Click the links to the left!

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