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How We Harvest Frank’s Olives

How an Organic Olive Becomes Frank

To make Frank, Frank’s growers have to get the organic olives off the trees and into the mill. Watch them work their magic!

Harvest Nets. First, Frank’s growers lay out nets at the base of Frank’s olive trees.

Want to see how Frank is made, from grove to grocery? You can see all videos combined into one here!

Shake Olives from the Trees. Next, Frank’s growers shake and vibrate Frank’s trees, to get the olives into the nets.

Machines, and more machines! Find out why Frank gives five percent of all profits to environmental causes.

Collect the Olives. Third, Frank’s growers gather together all of the olives they’ve shaken into the harvest nets.

Transport the Olives. Finally, Frank’s growers bring the harvested olives quickly to the mill.

Want to see the next step in Frank’s life? Check out how Frank is made at the olive mill!

Or, if you can’t wait, cut to the chase and take Frank home today!

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