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Frank’s Harvest Date Shows You When Frank’s at His Best

Frank won’t live forever.

Olive oil is a natural food, just like fruits and vegetables. (An olive is a fruit.) And just like fruits and vegetables, packed with nutrients as they are, olive oil tends to lose flavor and nutrients over time. Even an olive oil like Frank, which is filtered, remains at its best for only about two years.

It’s the Harvest Date That Matters

Two years is a long time. But that’s two years from the date of harvest, not from the date of purchase. And the two can be very different.

You may know when you bought your olive oil. But few olive oils tell you when they were harvested. So you simply can’t know how long they’ve been around.

Frank’s bottle tells you his harvest date. It’s right on the label. So you’ll always know if Frank is at his youngest and freshest, or if it’s drawing near time to treat yourself a new bottle.

Let Frank be frank, and check out his harvest date at your local store! Find where Frank is available near you and take Frank home today!

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