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How We Press Frank

Watch Us Make Frank from Organic Olives

Frank’s processors do everything they can to improve Frank’s—and the earth’s—natural qualities.

And it’s paid off.

Same Day Pressing. First, let Jose Manuel tell you how Frank’s olives are first cold pressed the day they’re harvested:

Want to see how Frank is made, from grove to grocery? You can see all videos combined into one here!

Olive Cleaning. Next, see how we separate Frank’s organic olives from leaves and twigs, wash off any soil and grind them into olive paste:

Extraction. Third, see how we make organic extra virgin olive oil from Frank’s olives:

We’ve designed Frank’s harvesting, cleaning and extraction processes to turn Frank’s olives into oil as quickly as possible after harvest. This limits the olives’ exposure to oxygen, which would otherwise make Frank more acidic and less delicious and nutritious.

And Frank is extracted at or below 82 degrees Fahrenheit. This reduces any chemical reactions that could reduce Frank’s quality and nutrition while Frank’s olives are turned into oil.

Machines, and more machines! Why Frank Gives Five Percent of All Profits to Environmental Causes.

Storage. See how we store Frank, best to preserve freshness, taste and nutrition, before we deliver Frank to customers:

Find out more about what Frank’s processors do to ensure Frank is the best for you and the environment by clicking the links to the left!

See how well Frank’s processors have succeeded, and take Frank home today!

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