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Ten Ways Frank Makes Your Food Taste Better

1. Dip your bread in Frank.

With or without vinegar, a top-quality olive oil like Frank makes bread taste great.

For those looking to cut the impact of carbs in their diets, this is also a great way to mix fats with carbs. Using whole grain bread can further reduce the impact of refined carbohydrates on your diet, and often tastes even better than white bread.

For everyone, dipping bread in Frank offers great taste.

2. Use Frank in salad dressing.

Mix Frank with some lemon, vinegar and salt and you have a delicious and healthy dressing that’s easy to prepare.

3. Sautee vegetables in Frank.

Frank adds great flavor–and keeps your vegetables from sticking to the pan.

4. Marinate meats, chicken or fish in Frank.

Marinating meat in Frank and your choice of spices is a simple and effective way to add great flavor to your favorite meat dish. This seals juices inside and makes it crispy outside.

5. Roast vegetables with Frank.

Coat eggplant, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini or any bitter vegetable with Frank and then roast, grill or steam away.

6. Put Frank on Pasta.

Frank drizzled over pasta makes for a delicious, simple treat.

7. Substitute Frank for butter in mashed potatoes or on baked potatoes.

Switch out saturated fat for monounsaturated fat, and add some Mediterranean style.

8. Make pesto with Frank.

Olive oil is a key ingredient in pesto. Adding some Frank before refrigerating also helps pesto to keep its green color.

9. Bake with Frank.

Doug’s mother used to cook brownies with olive oil instead of unflavorful oils. Olive oil can be a bit bitter for some desserts but works great with others. It goes particularly well with nuts and dates and can be used as well for baking less sweet treats.

10. Make your own mayonnaise with Frank.

Most mayonnaises found in the store use soybean oil. This oil is often partially hydrogenated, meaning that it contains heart-unhealthy trans fats. Frank contains zero trans fats and is a completely naturally produced oil. Frank also adds flavor to your mayonnaise that soybean oil lacks. Use Frank for better, healthier mayonnaise.

Take Frank home today and enjoy these delicious options yourself!